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Luxury womenswear showcasing the craftsmanship of artisan Scottish fabrics.

We are a luxury sustainable womenswear brand that seeks to showcase the craftsmanship of artisan Scottish fabrics. Entirely UK-based, we combine timeless aesthetic with the highest quality make to produce garments designed to last.


Why We Started

We founded The Joan Project in 2017 with an aim to share the story of the makers behind our garments rather than ours as the designers.  Through sharing their stories and that of each garment’s creation, we hope to inspire you, the wearer, because we believe that a garment is only as good as the fabrics and hands used to make it.

What We Make

All our garments are designed to last. They are made from the highest-quality fabrics, constructed such that each piece’s functionality does not compromise its elegance and timeless aesthetic. We want our collections to contain the essential items to a woman’s wardrobe, from her favourite pair of jeans to her tailored jacket, each piece intelligently constructed and beautifully fabricated thanks to the skills of our makers.

How It’s Made

Scotland is renowned for its luxury fabrics, but the industry is in decline. As Scottish designers, we want to do our part in ensuring that this craftsmanship does not end in our generation. To that end, we work closely with a number of Scottish mills and artisan weavers to produce the majority of fabrics for our garments; all other materials are made in England, such as our knitwear from Leicester. Everything we make is manufactured here in East London, and, because we believe in total transparency, our processes are entirely traceable.

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Sustainability is at the heart of The Joan Project. All our fabric suppliers are UK-based, and our production factories are located in North London. Every effort has been made to ensure that we have kept our impact on the environment as small as possible, to the extent that even our packaging is made of recycled materials. With the fashion industry being one of the highest polluting industries globally, we want to demonstrate how garments can be produced using sustainable methods.


The Joan Project would not have been possible without the support of The Prince’s Trust. Because of our amazing experience working with the Trust, we would like to create a similar programme supporting young people who are looking to develop their skills within the textile and fashion industries. After two years of trading, The Joan Project will put aside 10% of net profits into The Joan Trust which will look to support talented young people pursue a career in fashion or textiles who otherwise may not be able to do so due to financial constraints. 

Initially, we would look to support charities that support apprenticeships for people of all ages. These organisations help young people and adults find apprenticeships in the chosen field. When more established, we would look to use The Joan Trust to also help support individuals with tuition fees and other higher education costs.