MYB Textiles


“We are defined by time honoured heritage, expert technique and a passion for continuing lace and madras production. From vision to technique the new collections have pushed the boundaries and perceptions of lace and madras fabric. We are driven by continual product and design innovation, new technology and a highly skilled workforce”

Renowned textile artisans Morton Young and Borland have been exclusively weaving Scottish lace and madras sheers since 1900.

In 1913 the company invested in Nottingham Lace Looms, enabling them to present a larger variety of products to their clients. The manufacturing process is extremely labour intensive. The looms run at a very slow, controlled pace in order to give a high level of quality control; this attention to detail gives the product its niche.

MYB Textiles is now the only producer in the world manufacturing patterned lace with original Nottingham Lace Looms, some of which are over 90 years old and up to 12 metres wide.

Ross Holden